[Epidemiological characteristics of Japanese encephalitis in Shanghai].

  title={[Epidemiological characteristics of Japanese encephalitis in Shanghai].},
  author={Yan-ting Li and Yi-yi Zhu and Bi-hong Jin},
  journal={Zhongguo yi miao he mian yi},
  volume={15 6},
  pages={507-10, 561}
OBJECTIVES To understand the epidemiological characteristics of Japanese Encephalitis in Shanghai and to provide evidence for preventing JE. METHODS Epidemic characteristics, JEV antibody in healthy population and swine infection rate in Shanghai were analyzed by methods of field survey, serology and molecular biology. RESULTS JE incident rate in Shanghai was 0.077/100,000 in 2006; and 0.129/100,000 in 2007. Antibody positive rate before JE epidemic fastigium was 60.39%; postive rate after… CONTINUE READING

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