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[Epidemic outbreak of meningitis and meningoencephalitis, caused by West Nile virus, in the Krasnodar territory and Volgograd region (preliminary report)].

  title={[Epidemic outbreak of meningitis and meningoencephalitis, caused by West Nile virus, in the Krasnodar territory and Volgograd region (preliminary report)].},
  author={D. K. L’vov and A. Butenko and S. Gaidamovich and V. Larichev and E. V. Leshchinskaia and A. Zhukov and V. Lazorenko and A. M. Aliushin and V. R. Petrov and S. T. Trikhanov and N. V. Khutoretskaia and E. O. Whishkina and A. B. Iashkov},
  journal={Voprosy virusologii},
  volume={45 1},
Sera from 102 inpatients from the Volgograd region (64) and Krasnodar region (38) were tested for antibodies to West Nile (WN) virus in hemagglutination inhibition (HI) test and for IgM and IgG antibodies in enzyme immunoassay (EIA). Diseases etiologically associated with WN virus were diagnosed in 81 patients: in 50 out of 64 in the Volgograd region and in 31 out of 38 in the Krasnodar region, which makes 79.4%. Specificity of antibodies to WN virus was confirmed in HI and EIA with WN antigens… Expand
The outbreak of West Nile virus infection in the New York City area in 1999.
BACKGROUND In late August 1999, an unusual cluster of cases of meningoencephalitis associated with muscle weakness was reported to the New York City Department of Health. The initial epidemiologicExpand
Seroprevalence study on the diffusion of the West Nile virus among blood donors, healthcare workers, jockeys, grooms and fowlers, veterinary surgeons and hunters in Messina (Italy).
Among the strategies of control and surveillance, the programs of continuous antibody survey in all the risk categories and in the general population are and will be indispensable to preview which effects could have the presence of infections from WNV in future and which it could be the impact of geographic factors on the epidemic spread of the disease. Expand
West Nile encephalitis: an emerging disease in the United States.
  • A. Marfin, D. Gubler
  • Medicine
  • Clinical infectious diseases : an official publication of the Infectious Diseases Society of America
  • 2001
In 1999, an epidemic of West Nile virus (WNV) encephalitis occurred in New York City (NYC) and 2 surrounding New York counties. Simultaneously, an epizootic among American crows and other birdExpand
An outbreak of West Nile virus in a New York City captive wildlife population.
Testing of banked and fresh sera obtained from both birds and mammals revealed that there was no evidence of WNV circulation before the 1999 outbreak and that birds introduced into the park were not the source of the New York outbreak. Expand
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West Nile virus past infections in the general population of Southern Spain.
These results strongly suggest past circulation and exposure of the human population to WNV in southern Spain is strongly suggested. Expand
West Nile Virus Infection in New York City: the Public Health Perspective
Public health messages regarding protective measures for avoidance of West Nile virus infection and West Nile disease surveillance should therefore be particularly targeted at older persons. Expand