[Enrichment of giant panda microsatellite markers using dynal magnet beads].

  title={[Enrichment of giant panda microsatellite markers using dynal magnet beads].},
  author={Fu-Jun Shen and Phill Watts and Zhi-He Zhang and An-Ju Zhang and Stephanie Sanderson and Stephen J. Kemp and Bisong Yue},
  journal={Yi chuan xue bao = Acta genetica Sinica},
  volume={32 5},
The 400 -600 bp DNA fractions of giant panda containing STR sequences were captured by hybridization with the oligonucleotide probes attached to streptavadin coated magnetic beads (Dynal). The enriched DNA were ligated into pGEM-T and then transformed into E. coil JM109 competent cells. In total 260 positive clones were identified from 2 880 transformants in the libraries which were screened by gamma-32 P radiolabelled probes. Finally, we got 54 sequences and successfully designed 37 pairs of… CONTINUE READING

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