[Endoscopy of the lower part of the digestive system].

  title={[Endoscopy of the lower part of the digestive system].},
  author={Nenad Vanis and Mehmed Gribaj{\vc}evi{\'c} and Rusmir Mesihovi{\'c} and Srdan Gornjakovi{\'c}},
  journal={Medicinski arhiv},
  volume={57 1 Suppl 2},
Examination of lower part of digestive system by colonoscopy is necessity in occult fecal hemorrhage occurrence, hematochesis, unresolved loss of blood iron and suspicious finding of large bowel X-ray barium study. By therapeutical colonoscopy, haemorrhage from neoplasms and angiodysplastic changes are controlled, foreign bodies are removed as well as routine polipectomics. Balloon dilation of large bowel stenosis, and palliative treatment of unoperable stenoses lead to improvement in quality… CONTINUE READING

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