[Endocrinologic recovery after treatment of an intrasellar aneurysm].

  title={[Endocrinologic recovery after treatment of an intrasellar aneurysm].},
  author={Sami G Slaba and Rita C Medlej and Tarek Smayra and S N Zafatayeff and Georges Nohra and Nabil M. Okais and Georges H Halaby},
  journal={Le Journal medical libanais. The Lebanese medical journal},
  volume={48 5},
OBJECTIVE Cavernous intrasellar aneurysms are rare, but may be clinically mistaken for an hypophyseal tumor, thus the need for a preoperative diagnosis. CLINICAL PRESENTATION We report on a 60-year-old woman suffering from retroorbital headache, diplopia and decreased visual acuity, along with hyperprolactinemia and both gonadotropic and thyreotropic deficencies. Computed tomography revealed a sellar mass with superior extension, but MR raised the possibility of a cavernous aneurysm, that was… CONTINUE READING