[Electrical status epilepticus during sleep].

  title={[Electrical status epilepticus during sleep].},
  author={Juan J. Ortega and V{\'i}ctor Belda and J L Tripiana and Miguel Gil and Renzo Salas and J V Orenga and Angel Luis Serrano},
  journal={Revista de neurologia},
  volume={24 136},
INTRODUCTION Sleep electrical status epilepticus (SESE) is a rare entity whose diagnosis depends or showing spike and wave complexes on the EEG during more than 85% of the duration of NoREM sleep. Typically it presents in children, most of whom have subjacent epilepsy. It is currently accepted that SESE is asymptomatic, although its persistence may give rise to severe neuropsychological sequelae. There are no references to sleep disorders in these patients. We present the case of a seven year… CONTINUE READING
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