[Efficacy of zonisamide in West syndrome].

  title={[Efficacy of zonisamide in West syndrome].},
  author={Hisashi Kawawaki and Kiyotaka Tomiwa and Kazuhiro Shiraishi and Ryosuke Murata},
  journal={No to hattatsu = Brain and development},
  volume={31 3},
The efficacy of zonisamide (ZNS) was studied in 16 patients (11 males, 5 females) with West syndrome (WS), symptomatic in 13 and cryptogenic in 3. They did not respond to pyridoxal phosphate (12 cases) or valproate (16 cases). The mean age of onset of WS was 4.4 (2-9) months. ZNS was administered from 3 to 9 months of age (mean 6.1). Four cases (2 cryptogenic and 2 symptomatic) became seizure free. Two had more than 50% seizure reduction. Ten infants remained unchanged or showed less than 50… CONTINUE READING

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