[Efficacy diacetylmorphine (pharmaceutical heroin) for heroin treatment ].

  title={[Efficacy diacetylmorphine (pharmaceutical heroin) for heroin treatment ].},
  author={Isabelle Demaret and Andr{\'e} Lema{\^i}tre and Marc Ansseau},
  journal={Revue medicale de Liege},
  volume={65 12},
Before implementing the TADAM project in Belgium (a heroin-assisted treatment trial), our research team studied the trials in other countries. Since 1994, six randomised controlled trials have been developed using the same treatment model of heroin-assisted treatment (HAT). Each trial concluded that HAT had more efficacy than methadone treatment. We analysed those trials in order to find on which levels patients in a HAT treatment are expected to improve. Improvements appeared after at least… CONTINUE READING