[Effects of the stimulation of the subthalamic nucleus in Parkinson disease].

  title={[Effects of the stimulation of the subthalamic nucleus in Parkinson disease].},
  author={Pierre Pollak and A. L. Benabid and Christian Gross and Dakuan Gao and Alban Laurent and Abdelhamid Benazzouz and Dominique Hoffmann and Mich{\`e}le Gentil and Jacqueline Perret},
  journal={Revue neurologique},
  volume={149 3},
In Parkinson's disease, experimental studies favour a neuronal hyperactivity of the subthalamic nucleus. We carried out a subthalamic nucleus electrical stimulation in a patient aged 51, suffering for 8 years from a severe akineto-rigid form of Parkinson's disease, complicated with an on-off effect. Stereotaxic surgery was done under local anaesthesia on one side. Within the theoretical target, a 130 Hz stimulation induced akinesia alleviation mainly on the contralateral limbs. No abnormal… CONTINUE READING
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