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[Effects and structure of new antiandrogenic steroids].

  title={[Effects and structure of new antiandrogenic steroids].},
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The efficacy of oral cyproterone acetate in combination with ethinyloestradiol in acne tarda of the facial type
The efficacy and tolerability of a preparation containing cyproterone acetate and ethinyloestradiol in women with various grades of facial acne was determined and this combined oestrogen/progestogen preparation provides effective contraceptive protection.
Antiandrogens and Hair Growth: Basic Concepts and Experimental Research
It is shown that a weak hormone at an appropriate dosage can to some extent suppress the action of a strong hormone and this phenomenon can be explained by the mechanism of action of sex hormones working via steroid receptor binding.
Modern steroid problems.
The present article is concerned primarily with the latest developments in the fields of steroids exhibiting contraceptive, antiandrogenic, or cardiac activity and of steroid metamorphosis hormones.
Moderne Probleme der Steroide
Der Aufsatz befast sich in der Hauptsache mit den jungsten Entwicklungen auf dem Gebiet der kontrazeptiven, antiandrogenen und herzaktiven Steroide sowie der steroidalen Insekten-Metamorphosehormone.