[Effect of opioid peptides on nervous tissue in vitro].

  title={[Effect of opioid peptides on nervous tissue in vitro].},
  author={O. B. Il'inskii and Maria V. Kozlova and E. S. Kondrikova and Michail I Titov and Zh D Bespalova},
  journal={Neirofiziologiia = Neurophysiology},
  volume={17 4},
The effect of opioid peptides (gamma- and beta-endorphins, met- and leu-enkephalin, and 5 synthetic analogs of leu-enkephalin) was studied on organotypic culture of rat dorsal root ganglia and sympathetic ganglia. All peptides, except for one synthetic analog, were able to stimulate fibre outgrowth from explant, increase the numbers of glia and… CONTINUE READING