[Effect of nicotinamide on lipid peroxidation].

  title={[Effect of nicotinamide on lipid peroxidation].},
  author={G. Z. Abakumov and M. I. Bushma and P. I. Lukienko and L. F. Legon'kova and A S Shurinov},
  journal={Voprosy meditsinskoi khimii},
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Nicotinamide (10-100 mM) caused a decrease in total "fast" flash of chemoluminescence, in rates of NADPH- and ascorbate dependent lipid peroxidation in microsomal fraction of rat liver tissue. Content of cytochrome P-450 (carbonyl complex) as well as rates of amidopyrine N-demethylation and aniline p-hydroxylation were also decreased in microsomal fraction… CONTINUE READING