[Effect of cyclophosphamide on spermatogonial stem cells].

  title={[Effect of cyclophosphamide on spermatogonial stem cells].},
  author={Da-wei He and Xu-liang Li and Li-Qin Yue and Guang-hui Wei and Tao Lin and Jun-hong Liu},
  journal={Zhonghua nan ke xue = National journal of andrology},
  volume={12 5},
  pages={387-90, 393}
OBJECTIVE To perform a preliminary study on the dysfunction of spermatogonial stem cells (SSCs) induced by cyclophosphamide. METHODS According to development stage of spermatogenesis in Wistar rat, 72 rats were divided into three groups, 1, 3 and 9 weeks groups, respectively. Then 24 rats per group were randomly divided into experimental and control groups, and 100 mg/kg cyclophosphamide was injected by intraperitoneal injection in experimental groups, with the same volume of normal saline in… CONTINUE READING

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