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[Effect of astasilid on the stimulation of peritoneal macrophages].

  title={[Effect of astasilid on the stimulation of peritoneal macrophages].},
  author={I. Makarenko and N. Sukhareva and V. A. Khorokhorina},
  journal={Antibiotiki i khimioterapiia = Antibiotics and chemoterapy [sic]},
  volume={33 11},
The effect of astasilid, a sucrose monoester and the effect of mainly unsaturated fatty acids from the lipid fraction of Astasia longa on immunocompetent cells--macrophages of the mouse peritoneal cavity were studied. It was shown that astasilid increased 7.5-8.5-fold expression of Fc-receptors on the macrophage plasmic membranes and stimulated 5.5-6.5-fold the macrophage capacity for Fc-dependent phagocytosis of sheep red blood cells. Astasilid had no effect on migration of the macrophages… Expand