[Effect of 5HTT genetic polymorphism on aggression in athletes].

  title={[Effect of 5HTT genetic polymorphism on aggression in athletes].},
  author={N. V. Maliuchenko and Olga V. Sysoeva and A. M. Vediakov and Marina A Timofeeva and G V Portanova and A M Ivanitski and A G Tonevitski and Michael P Kirpichnikov},
  journal={Zhurnal vysshei nervnoi deiatelnosti imeni I P Pavlova},
  volume={57 3},
Genetic variations of serotonin transporter gene (5HTT) are closely related with human adaptive ability to control emotions and are very attractive in investigation of athletes whose life is accompanied by high emotional pressure. This study was concerned with the effect of genetic polymorphism of 5HTT on aggression of athletes. In total, the study enrolled 86 synchronized swimmers. Analysis of genotype was carried out in 73 young females (aged 8-18) actively engaged in competitions… CONTINUE READING

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