[Ecology of Borrelia burgdorferi].

  title={[Ecology of Borrelia burgdorferi].},
  author={D Drndarevi{\'c} and Novica T Stajkovi{\'c} and Romana Dmitrovic and Miljana Obradovi{\'c} and Branislav L Lako and V Djerkovi{\'c} and Dragana R Djordjevic},
  journal={Glas. Srpska akademija nauka i umetnosti. Odeljenje medicinskih nauka},
Much still remains to be understood about ecology of Borrelia burgdorferi which is transmitted by a number of ticks belonging primarily to the Ixodes complex, known to feed on different animal hosts and humans. This article pretends to be a review of previous knowledge of Borrelia burgdorferi ecology. Special emphasis is placed on the preliminary results of an investigation conducted in Yugoslavia on the risk of developing lyme borreliosis after a tick bite (Ixodes ricinus). Lyme borreliosis… CONTINUE READING