[Echocardiographic data from chronic dialysis patients in Dakar].

  title={[Echocardiographic data from chronic dialysis patients in Dakar].},
  author={Adama Kane and Boucar Diouf and Abdou Niang and Ibrahima Diop and Th{\'e}r{\`e}se Moreira-Diop and L Hane and M. D. Michael Sarr and Serigne Abdou B{\^a} and Oliver K. Bao and Sarah Diouf},
  journal={Dakar medical},
  volume={42 1},
The authors report the results of a prospective study about echocardiographic parameters of 14 chronic dialyzed patients. Mean age was 44.4 +/- 12 (extremes: 16 and 63). There are 12 men (86%) and 2 women (14%). The main renal disease responsible was nephroangiosclerosis (9 cases, 64.3%). Hypertension is found in all the patients, anemia in 13 (92.8%). The heart, as shown by echocardiography, was concerned in 13 patients (92.8%). The main abnormalities found were: left ventricular hypertrophy… CONTINUE READING


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