[Early results following surgical treatment of heart tumors].

  title={[Early results following surgical treatment of heart tumors].},
  author={Erwin Philipp Bauer and Ludvig K von Segesser and T. Carrel and Andreas Laske and Marko Ivan Turina},
  journal={Schweizerische medizinische Wochenschrift},
  volume={121 8},
Between December 1968 and March 1990 a total of 51 patients (24 male, 27 female) with a mean age of 49 years (7 months to 76 years) underwent surgery for primary or secondary cardiac tumor. In 46/51 cases (90%) the tumor was benign and in 5/51 (10%) malignant; 41/51 (80%) were myxomas. In 40 patients complete resection of myxoma was possible, whereas in one patient only biopsy was performed. In 6 patients an additional procedure was necessary (CABG 4 times, double valve replacement once, mitral… CONTINUE READING