[ECG in patients with hemorrhagic fever].

  title={[ECG in patients with hemorrhagic fever].},
  author={B Kapetanovi{\'c} and Zoran Ridanovi{\'c} and Olivera Petrovi{\'c} and Amila Arslanagi{\'c}},
  journal={Medicinski arhiv},
  volume={46 3-4},
We analyzed 128 electrocardiograms (ECG) of 43 patients with haemorrhagic fever associated with kidney syndrome (HFKS) during an epidemic in 1989, region around Sarajevo. The greatest number of alternations was noticed in toxic phase, and the smallest number in invasive phase of disease. All alternations were transient. Extended QT interval was dominant, and was found in 19 patients (45%). Tall and peaked T wave in the case of 17 patients or in 40%, during toxic and recovering phase, was the… CONTINUE READING