[Dynamic locking screw 5.0--first clinical experience].

  title={[Dynamic locking screw 5.0--first clinical experience].},
  author={Thomas Freude and Steffen Schroeter and Tobias Maximilian Kraus and Dankward H{\"o}ntzsch and U. St{\"o}ckle and Stefan Doebele},
  journal={Zeitschrift fur Orthopadie und Unfallchirurgie},
  volume={151 3},
The principle of "biological" plate osteosynthesis describes the optimum interaction between mechanics and biology with the aim to achieve an uneventful consolidation of the fracture by secondary bone healing. The preservation of soft tissue and blood supply are central points in this context. Empirical values show that a too rigid internal fixation can suppress callus formation. The dynamic locking screw - DLS - allows for a decrease of the rigidity of a plate osteosynthesis. The fracture… CONTINUE READING

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