[Distal tubal surgery using laparoscopy].

  title={[Distal tubal surgery using laparoscopy].},
  author={B Eyraud and R E Erny and F Vergnet},
  journal={Journal de gynecologie, obstetrique et biologie de la reproduction},
  volume={22 1},
Between January 1987 and May 1990, forty-four women were treated in our department by laparoscopic surgery for distal tubal pathology. Among them, 10 had an intrauterine pregnancy (22.7%) and 2 had an ectopic pregnancy (4.5%) within 28 months after surgery. Subsequently, our results were expressed in terms of the type of operation performed (fimbrioplasty or neosalpingostomy) and according to the tubal and adhesion scores (Mage and Bruhat). We found that most pregnancies were obtained within… CONTINUE READING

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