[Dissociative stupor as a postoperative consequence of general anesthesia].

  title={[Dissociative stupor as a postoperative consequence of general anesthesia].},
  author={Merrick C. Haller and Kristina M. Kiefer and Heinrich Vogt},
  journal={Der Anaesthesist},
  volume={52 11},
A 31-year-old woman failed to awaken after an uneventful general anesthesia (propofol, alfentanil and 65% N2O in oxygen) for laparoscopic resection of an ovarian cyst. After the operation she was extubated and vital signs were stable. However, the patient remained unresponsive even to painful stimuli for about 2 h. Just before we performed a computed tomogram of the brain to exclude a cerebral lesion we noticed that she blinked. We hypothesized that unconsciousness was due to a dissociative… CONTINUE READING