[Disseminated candidiasis (moniliasis) in a dog. A case report].

  title={[Disseminated candidiasis (moniliasis) in a dog. A case report].},
  author={J I Hol\oymoen and Inge Bjerk{\aa}s and I H Olberg and A V Mork},
  journal={Nordisk veterinaermedicin},
  volume={34 10},
A case of systemic candidiasis (Candida albicans) in a 1 1/2 year old dog is reported. Clinically, the first manifestation was enlargement of a superficial inguinal lymph node. Later several peripheral lymph nodes were affected and a fistulous opening appeared, communicating with an inflammatory process in the right humerus. Necropsy revealed gross lesions… CONTINUE READING