[Diphtheria booster immunization for adults].

  title={[Diphtheria booster immunization for adults].},
  author={H. M. Hasselhorn and Matthias Nuebling and F. W. Tiller and F. Hofmann},
  journal={Deutsche medizinische Wochenschrift},
  volume={122 10},
BACKGROUND AND OBJECTIVE Nearly 50% of adults in Germany have no measurable antibody protection against diphtheria, even though most of them will have been vaccinated against it in their childhood. We investigated how vaccination should be performed in this situation to provide lasting protection. MATERIAL AND METHODS 100 adults (53 men, 47 women; mean age 27.7 [19-54] years) whose last diphtheria vaccination had been at least 10 years previously, were injected up to three times with… CONTINUE READING

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