[Digestive oncology: surgical practices].

  title={[Digestive oncology: surgical practices].},
  author={Khlif Slim and Jean Yves Blay and Antoine Brouquet and Denis Chatelain and Michel Comy and Jean Robert Delpero and Ch Denet and Denise de Souza Elias and Jean François Fl{\'e}jou and Pierre Fourquier and Dragica Fuks and Oliver Glehen and Mehdi Karoui and Niaz Kohneh-Shahri and Mickael Lesurtel and Christophe Mariette and François Mauvais and Johanna Nicolet and Th Perniceni and Guillaume Piessen and Jean-Marc Regimbeau and Ph Rouanet and Alain Sauvanet and Gisela Schmitt and Corinne Vons and Ph Lasser and Jaques Belghiti and Sylvain Berdah and G{\'e}rard Champault and Laurence Chiche and Jacques Chipponi and Pierre Chollet and Th de Baere and Pierre D{\'e}chelotte and Jean Marc Garcier and Brice Gayet and Christian Gouillat and R{\'e}za Kianmanesh and Christ Laurent and Camille Roger Meyer and Bertrand Millat and Simon Msika and Bernard Nordlinger and François Paraf and Christian Partensky and Fr{\'e}d{\'e}rique Peschaud and Marc Pocard and B Reques Sastre and J. Y. Scoazec and Morgan Scotte and J. P. Triboulet and H{\'e}rv{\'e} Trillaud and Patrice D Valleur},
  journal={Journal de chirurgie},
  volume={146 Suppl 2},
Membres du groupe de travail (par ordre alphabétique) : Blay JY (Oncologue Lyon), Brouquet A (Chirurgien Boulogne), Chatelain D (Anatomopathologiste Amiens), Comy M (Chirurgien La Roche sur Yon), Delpero JR (Chirurgien Marseille), Denet C (Chirurgien Paris), Elias D (Chirurgien Villejuif), Fléjou JF (Anatomopathologiste Paris), Fourquier P (Chirurgien Nantes), Fuks D (Chirurgien Amiens), Glehen O (Chirurgien Lyon), Karoui M (Chirurgien Paris), Kohneh-Shahri N (Chirurgien Villejuif), Lesurtel M… CONTINUE READING

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