[Differential diagnosis: kidney disease in acute abdomen].

  title={[Differential diagnosis: kidney disease in acute abdomen].},
  author={Jiř{\'i} Tůma},
  journal={Schweizerische Rundschau fur Medizin Praxis = Revue suisse de medecine Praxis},
  volume={79 4},
  • Jiří Tůma
  • Published in
    Schweizerische Rundschau fur…
The possibilities and limitations of sonography in renal disease, which leads to acute abdominal symptoms, are introduced. While sonography yields a high diagnostic effectiveness in renal colics and acute renal hemorrhage, findings in acute parenchymal kidney disease are not specific. Yet the finding of markedly echo enhanced kidneys is suggestive of severe renal insufficiency. Uremia should moreover be considered as cause of acute abdominal symptoms in patients with typical ultrasonic… CONTINUE READING