[Diagnostic problems of unilateral exophthalmos--case report].

  title={[Diagnostic problems of unilateral exophthalmos--case report].},
  author={Gabriela Delong and Andrzej Stankiewicz and Agnieszka Warczyńska},
  journal={Klinika oczna},
  volume={106 3},
This paper presents a case of a 54-year-old patient with unilateral exophthalmos. During the hospitalization basic laboratory investigations, USG, skull X-ray film, NMR of orbits were carried out. The patient was treated with systemic corticosteroids with good response. Inflammatory infiltration and venous stasis are considered to be the cause of exophthalmos. Granulomatous orbital inflammation was detected. The etiology of nonspecific orbital inflammation remains still unknown.