[Detection of MMP-11 from menstrual blood using immunohistochemistry].

  title={[Detection of MMP-11 from menstrual blood using immunohistochemistry].},
  author={Ya-nan Yao and Hui-Ling Lu and Sen Kai Chen and Jing Zheng and Ya-qing Zhang},
  journal={Fa yi xue za zhi},
  volume={24 1},
OBJECTIVE To prove the feasibility of detecting menstrual blood as well as its cellular localization with rabbit-anti-human matrix metalloproteinase-11 (MMP-11) polyclonal antibody. METHODS MMP-11 in menstrual blood, peripheral blood, vaginal liquid, aged menstrual bloodstain, and endometrium sections were assayed with SAP immunohistochemistry. RESULTS MMP-11 was found only in menstrual samples within stroma and epithelium cells. CONCLUSION MMP-11 polyclonal antibody may be applied in the… CONTINUE READING

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