[Detection of DPY19L2 gene mutation in a globozoospermia patient].

  title={[Detection of DPY19L2 gene mutation in a globozoospermia patient].},
  author={Qiu-yue Wu and Na Li and Tian-Fu Li and Weiwei Li and Cui Zhang and Yong Shao and Yingxia Cui and Zhi-Min Yin and Xin-yi Xia and Zheng-rong Li},
  journal={Zhonghua nan ke xue = National journal of andrology},
  volume={19 11},
OBJECTIVE Globozoospermia is mostly associated with homozygous deletion of the DPY19L2 gene. This study aimed to investigate the DPY19L2 gene mutation in a globozoospermia patient. METHODS We observed the sperm histomorphology of a patient with globozoospermia using Wright-Giemsa's staining and transmission electron microscopy, detected the mutation of the DPY19L2 gene by PCR amplification and DNA sequencing, and compared the findings with the sequences issued in the Genbank. RESULTS Wright… CONTINUE READING


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