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[Description of an outbreak of lepidopterism (dermatitis associated with contact with moths) among sailors in Salvador, State of Bahia].

  title={[Description of an outbreak of lepidopterism (dermatitis associated with contact with moths) among sailors in Salvador, State of Bahia].},
  author={Shirlei Cristina Moreira and J C de Lima and Lucineide Silva and Vidal Haddad},
  journal={Revista da Sociedade Brasileira de Medicina Tropical},
  volume={40 5},
An occurrence of pruritic papular dermatitis among the whole crew of a Filipino commercial ship in Salvador, State of Bahia, was associated with contact with Hylesia moths. This unusual type of dermatitis is caused by the bristles (flechettes) on the moths' bodies. Reporting on such cases serves to warn about possible similar situations. 



Dermatitis from contact with moths (genus Hylesia).

The histologic findings were considered incompatible with pure mechanical injury of the skin by the spinous structures of the scales of the moth, but were suggestive of a toxic injury as the principal cause of the dermatitis.

Dermatitis resulting from contact with moths, genus Hylesia; report of cases.

It was recognized early that the dermatitis was provoked by the nettling hairs functioning as well as the cocoon, caterpillar or adult moth, which in the cases of severe disease coalesced to form urticarial wheals.

Caripito itch: dermatitis from contact with Hylesia moths.

Surtos epidêmicos de dermatite causada por mariposas do gênero Hylesia (Lepidóptera: Hemileucidae) no Estado de São Paulo, Brasil

Three epidemic episodes of dermatitis caused by Hylesia occurred in the coastal region of the State of S. Paulo during the period of December 1989 to December 1991, and three epidemic episodes, coninciding with the rainy season (November to January), ocurred.

Evidence for histamine in the urticating hairs of Hylesia moths.

Findings provide evidence that histamine may be the mediator responsible for the urticarial lesions seen after contact with Hylesia moths.

Acidentes por lepidópteros (larvas e adultos de mariposas): estudo dos aspectos epidemiológicos, clínicos e terapêuticos

O lepidopterismo e o erucismo sao acidentes comuns, e e importante that o dermatologista saiba reconhecer e tratar esse tipo of envenenamento.

The Pathology of the Brown-Tail Moth Dermatitis.

Dermatite provocada por lepidóptero do gênero Hylesia

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