[Dengue fever and pregnancy. A study of 38 cases in french Guiana].

  title={[Dengue fever and pregnancy. A study of 38 cases in french Guiana].},
  author={Gabriel Carles and Antoine Talarmin and Christian Peneau and Marc Bertsch},
  journal={Journal de gynecologie, obstetrique et biologie de la reproduction},
  volume={29 8},
OBJECTIVES Evaluation of the consequences of a dengue fever infection on mother and foetus during pregnancy. PATIENTS AND METHODS Between February 1, 1992 and December 31, 1999, 172 patients with non malaria hyperthermia were tested for dengue fever infection at the maternity of the Saint-Laurent-du-Maroni hospital in French Guyana. The diagnosis was considered positive when specific IgM was present and/or with virus isolation or viral ARN detection using RT-PCR. Among the 38 cases of mothers… CONTINUE READING


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