[Delayed birth of the second child in multiple gestation].

  title={[Delayed birth of the second child in multiple gestation].},
  author={M Weemhoff and Claudia A van Meir and Frans J Walther and F C Twaalfhoven and Jos J M van Roosmalen},
  journal={Nederlands tijdschrift voor geneeskunde},
  volume={145 29},
Five case histories illustrate the issue of delayed interval deliveries. In the first two cases, the first child was born at a gestational age of 20 and 18 weeks, respectively. The first woman (40 years old) gave birth to the second child after successful prolongation of pregnancy to a gestational age of 38 weeks. In the second case (28 years old), the attempt to delay delivery failed and the second child was born at 19 weeks of gestation. The third case (32 years old), illustrates the enormous… CONTINUE READING
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