[D-Phe12]bombesin analogues: a new class of bombesin receptor antagonists.

  title={[D-Phe12]bombesin analogues: a new class of bombesin receptor antagonists.},
  author={P. Heinz-Erian and D. H. Coy. E. J. Coy and Minoru N. Tamura and Steven W. Jones and Jerry Gardner and Robert Thomas Jensen},
  journal={The American journal of physiology},
  volume={252 3 Pt 1},
Previous attempts to develop analogues of bombesin that function as specific receptor antagonists have been unsuccessful. Alteration of the histidine in luteinizing hormone releasing factor has resulted in analogues that function as competitive antagonists. In the present study we have used a similar strategy and altered the histidine in bombesin. [D-Phe12]bombesin, [D-Phe12,Leu14]bombesin, and [Tyr4,D-Phe12]bombesin did not stimulate amylase release from guinea pig pancreatic acini when… CONTINUE READING