[Cytokines in experimental acute pancreatitis].

  title={[Cytokines in experimental acute pancreatitis].},
  author={J. Marton and Gyula Farkas and Zolt{\'a}n K{\'a}roly Nagy and Tam{\'a}s Tibor Tak{\'a}cs and Katalin J{\'a}rmay and J{\'o}zsef Varga and A. Balogh},
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The authors induced acute necrotizing pancreatitis in Wistar rat by intraductal injection of taurocholic acid (150 microliters or 200 microliters 6%). Plasma values of amylase, TNF, IL-6 levels and wet pancreas weight/body weight ratio have been determined. Histologic analysis of pancreas proved severe acute necrotizing pancreatitis with microabscess… CONTINUE READING