[Cytogenic survey of 600 mentally retarded hospitalized patients].

  title={[Cytogenic survey of 600 mentally retarded hospitalized patients].},
  author={M Bourgeois and Michel B{\'e}n{\'e}zech},
  volume={3 3},
A collaborative study (including the patients of 4 mental hospitals) was done in an attempt to evaluate the incidence of chromosomic anomalies in a large group of mentally retarded patients. A cytogenetic study was performed in 600 mentally retarded patients selected among 3.311 psychiatric patients. Chromosomic anomalies were found in 54 (9 per cent) mentally retarded patients. There were 43 autosomic anomalies (32 had trisomy 21) and 11 sexual chromosomes anomalies. This large series is… CONTINUE READING

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