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[Cysticercosis: a frequent and redoubtable parasitic disease].

  title={[Cysticercosis: a frequent and redoubtable parasitic disease].},
  author={Pascal Aubry and Daniel B{\'e}quet and Patrick Qu{\'e}guiner},
  journal={Medecine tropicale : revue du Corps de sante colonial},
  volume={55 1},
Cysticercosis is due to development of the larval form of Taenia solium, Cysticercus cellulosae in human tissue. It is widespread in developing countries especially in rural areas where it is endemic. Larval invasion of the central nervous system constitutes a dreadful complication. The incidence of this worldwide disease is underestimated in French-speaking Black Africa; the Indian ocean region has one of the highest incidences with Madagascar reporting a seroprevalence of 18% in 1994. It is… CONTINUE READING