[CyberKnife robotic stereotactic radiotherapy: technical aspects and medical indications].

  title={[CyberKnife robotic stereotactic radiotherapy: technical aspects and medical indications].},
  author={Pierre-Yves Bondiau and Karen B{\'e}n{\'e}zery and V{\'e}ronique Beckendorf and Didier Peiffert and J. P. Gerard and Xavier Mirabel and Alain N{\"o}el and Vincent Marchesi and Thomas Lacornerie and François Dubus and Thierry Sarrazin and Joel H{\'e}rault and Serge Marci{\'e} and Gaelle Angellier and Eric Lartigau},
  journal={Cancer radiotherapie : journal de la Societe francaise de radiotherapie oncologique},
  volume={11 6-7},
In 2006, 3 sites have been selected by the Institut national of cancer (Lille, Nancy et Nice) to evaluate a radiotherapy robot, the CyberKnife. This machine, able to track mobile tumours in real time, gives new possibilities in the field of extra cranial stereotactic radiotherapy. Functionalities and medico economical issues of the machine will be evaluated during 2 years on the 3 sites. 

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