[Cross-cultural adaptation, reliability and validity of the resilience scale].

  title={[Cross-cultural adaptation, reliability and validity of the resilience scale].},
  author={Renata Pires Pesce and Simone Gonçalves de Assis and Joviana Quintes Avanci and Nilton C{\'e}sar dos Santos and Juaci Vit{\'o}ria Malaquias and Raquel Carvalhaes},
  journal={Cadernos de saude publica},
  volume={21 2},
This study describes the cross-cultural adaptation to Portuguese and the psychometric evaluation of the resilience scale developed by Wagnild & Young. The scale was adapted for a sample of students from public schools in São Gonçalo, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Data from the pilot study (203 students interviewed at two points in time) and from the entire study (977) are presented. The cross-cultural adaptation showed good results in the semantic equivalence for: general meaning (above 90.0%) and… CONTINUE READING