[Critical analysis of leakage studies in endodontics].

  title={[Critical analysis of leakage studies in endodontics].},
  author={Mieke De Bruyne and Pascale C P Verhelst and Roeland De Moor},
  journal={Revue belge de medecine dentaire},
  volume={60 2},
Incomplete filling of the root canal is one of the major causes of endodontic failure. Endodontic filling techniques and materials which perfectly seal the canal are essential for the success of endodontic treatment. Different in vitro tests are being used to test the sealing efficiency of endodontic filling techniques and materials. A large amount of these tests are leakage tests which measure the penetration of a tracer along the root canal filling. Tracers mainly are dyes, radio-isotopes… CONTINUE READING