[Correlation between ABH glycolipids in sperm and functional test].

  title={[Correlation between ABH glycolipids in sperm and functional test].},
  author={Edita Amalia Solis and Vanda Nora Gatti and Beatriz Reina Bouvet and A S Brugman and Cathleen Conforti and C V Papparella and L C Iori and Ruth Pinkenson Feldman and H. M. Bottai},
  journal={Archivos espanoles de urologia},
  volume={54 3},
OBJECTIVE To determine the association, if any, between the human spermatic membrane integrity test and normal or altered membrane ABH glycosphingolipids expression. METHODS Semen samples from 50 patients who consulted at the infertility services of the Provincial del Centenario and Eva Peron de Granadero Belgorria teaching hospitals in Rosario (Argentina) were collected and analyzed in accordance with WHO guidelines. The percentage of dead sperm was analyzed by the eosin test while the… CONTINUE READING