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[Contribution of Aleksander Sapieha (1773-1812) into European galvanization therapy].

  title={[Contribution of Aleksander Sapieha (1773-1812) into European galvanization therapy].},
  author={P. G{\'o}rski and W. Goetz},
  journal={Archiwum historii i filozofii medycyny},
  volume={59 2},
For the development of the therapy using electricity as agent two tracks can be identified. On the one side, the indication for applying this therapy was handled more careful, simultaneously the technical equipment was improved. The Polish noble man Alexander Sapieha (1773-1812), the leading natural scientist of the Granddukedom of Warsaw, cooperated with excellent European scientists in order to improve the galvanic battery technologically. Among these scientists were Alexander Volta (1745… Expand

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