[Considerations regarding the nosocomial potential of surgical wards].

  title={[Considerations regarding the nosocomial potential of surgical wards].},
  author={Monica Sorina Licker and Andrei Anghel and Anca Tutelcă and Cristina Elena Orb and Liliana Dragomirescu and Luminiţa Bădiţoiu and Delia Berceanu Văduva and Mihaela Cristiana Craciunescu and Delia Muntean and Elena Hogea and Roxana Moldovan},
  journal={Bacteriologia, virusologia, parazitologia, epidemiologia},
  volume={52 3-4},
PURPOSES The aim of our study was to determine the prevalence of multiresistant germs with nosocomial potential and their main resistance phenotype and genotype patterns in surgical departments. METHODS Identification of germs was performed by the API system (BioMerieux France) and susceptibility tests by disk-diffusion tests, (CLSI standards) with… CONTINUE READING