[Conjunctival microbiota in patients with ocular allergy].

  title={[Conjunctival microbiota in patients with ocular allergy].},
  author={Alexandre Mattoso Lib{\'o}rio and Maria Cristina Nishiwaki-Dantas and Lycia Mara Jenn{\'e} M{\'i}mica and Paulo Elias Corr{\^e}a Dantas and Ana Lu{\'i}sa H{\"o}fling de Lima},
  journal={Arquivos brasileiros de oftalmologia},
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PURPOSE To evaluate de presence of conjunctival aerobic microbiota in patients with ocular allergy as compared to a control group. METHODS One hundred and thirty-three patients were evaluated from April to June 2001 and divided into 2 groups. Sixty-three patients with allergic conjunctivitis (without medication) were in group A and 70 patients from the general outpatient clinic were in group B (control group). Samples from the conjunctival sac of the right eye were collected and cultured in… CONTINUE READING