[Congenital pyloric hyperthrophy. Factors associated with its frequency].

  title={[Congenital pyloric hyperthrophy. Factors associated with its frequency].},
  author={Leopoldo Vega-Franco and G N P{\'e}rez-Rol{\'o}n},
  journal={Boletin medico del Hospital Infantil de Mexico},
  volume={32 3},
With the idea of clearing out several variables individually found associated with a greater incidence of congenital pyloric stenosis in the same group of children, 298 clinical histories in infants complaining of this deviation were reviewed. Information was obtained as to sex, birth number, blood group and the month these children with stenosis were born. The distribution of frequencies in each one of these variables was compared to that in 309 children surgically operated from peritonitis… CONTINUE READING