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[Concept of inducing of rapid immunological protection against pathogens].

  title={[Concept of inducing of rapid immunological protection against pathogens].},
  author={B. Semenov and V. Zverev},
  journal={Zhurnal mikrobiologii, epidemiologii, i immunobiologii},
  • B. Semenov, V. Zverev
  • Published 2007
  • Medicine
  • Zhurnal mikrobiologii, epidemiologii, i immunobiologii
Concept of construction of new type of vaccines for inducing rapid nonspecific immunological protection against pathogens by activation of innate immunity mechanisms has been formulated. Materials about formula of the concept, theses of theory of innate immunity, and experimental and clinical data, which confirm the concept, are presented. Results of studies with recombinant proinflammatorycytokines and synthetic ligands for Toll-like receptors as well as with polycomponent vaccine containing… Expand
Activation of Innate Immunity by Bacterial Ligands of Toll-Like Receptors
It is found that mucosal application of Immunovac-VP-4, which contains antigens of conditionally pathogenic microorganisms, in conjunction with the activation of Tγδ and B1, induces adaptive immune mechanisms not only in the lymphoid formations associated with the respiratory system and with GALT, but also in the spleen. Expand
Vaccine Containing Natural TLR Ligands Protects from Salmonella typhimurium Infection in Mice and Acute Respiratory Infections in Children
Repeated mucosal applications of this vaccine stimulated long-termprotection against acute respiratory infections in children of preschool age and short-term protection against lethal challenge with Salmonella typhimurium. Expand
Immunological Effects of Masgutova Neurosensorimotor Reflex Integration in Children with Recurrent Obstructive Bronchitis
This is an open-access article distributed under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution License, which permits unrestricted use, distribution, and reproduction in any medium, provided the original author and source are credited. Expand