[Complications and quality of life in patients with ileal conduit diversion].

  title={[Complications and quality of life in patients with ileal conduit diversion].},
  author={Hitoshi Momose and Yoshihiko Hirao and Nobumichi Tanaka and Seiichiro Ozono and Eijiro Okajima and Kou Kaneko and Ken-Ichiro Yoshida and Kazumasa Yamada and Tadashi Hiramatsu and Satoshi Watanabe},
  journal={Hinyokika kiyo. Acta urologica Japonica},
  volume={41 11},
A series of 180 patients treated with ileal conduit urinary diversion at Nara Medical University and its affiliated hospitals were reviewed. The patients ages at the time of operation ranged from 21 to 79 years old with an average of 60.9 years old and the average postoperative follow-up period was 44.2 months. Early complications occurred in 60 patients (33.3%) and 9 (5.0%) of them resulted in post-operative deaths. Late complications were noticed in 54 (31.6%) of the 171 patients. Frequent… CONTINUE READING

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