[Comparative studies in chronic ocular chalcosis].

  title={[Comparative studies in chronic ocular chalcosis].},
  author={Zdzisław Zag{\'o}rski and Olgierd Palacz and Jonathan H. Grabowski and Gerhard Klaus Lang and Gottfried Otto Helmut Naumann},
  journal={Klinika oczna},
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Seven eyes containing a copper foreign body for a period from 8 months to 2.5 years were studied histopathologically. Foreign bodies, containing 99% copper, were in all eyes, encapsulated and located in the anterior vitreous. Characteristic features were: formation of foreign body granuloma, especially in later stages, marked fibroblastic proliferation in the vitreous with traction retinal detachment, choroidal effusion with fibrosis and foci of chronic nongranulomatous inflammation in cyclitic… CONTINUE READING