[Combined spinal and epidural analgesia for caesarean section].

  title={[Combined spinal and epidural analgesia for caesarean section].},
  author={Takeshi Shima and Shunsuke Haga and Kiyokazu Momose and Kohkichi Andoh and Yoshihisa Koga and Yuko Hashimoto},
  journal={Masui. The Japanese journal of anesthesiology},
  volume={42 7},
We compared the combined spinal and thoracic epidural analgesia with 2% lidocaine for caesarean section, with spinal analgesia using 2% lidocaine, tetracaine or dibucaine, and also with lumbar epidural analgesia. The analgesia at high thoracic level could be achieved with combined spinal and epidural analgesia more easily than with others. The frequency of… CONTINUE READING