[Colorectal carcinoma in the young. Prognostic factors].

  title={[Colorectal carcinoma in the young. Prognostic factors].},
  author={Michelangelo Miccini and Gianluca Mazzoni and Diletta Cassini and Elia Bettelli and Lidia Colace and Monica De Angelis and Stefania Brozzetti and Adriano Tocchi},
  journal={Il Giornale di chirurgia},
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Colorectal carcinoma is the third most frequently diagnosed malignant neoplasm. Usually patients affected by this neoplasia belong to VI decade of life. However approximately 2-8% of tumors arise in patients with age under 40 years. Aim of the study was to analyse the results of surgical treatment of colorectal cancer in patients aged under forty. From January 1987 to December 2002, 46 patients under forty years with colorectal cancer underwent surgical procedure. No perioperative mortality was… CONTINUE READING