[Clinico-instrumental parallels in ischemic heart disease].


Correlations between coronary angiographic findings and the results of some noninvasive functional tests (electro- and echocardiography, bicycle ergometry, etc.) were examined in 50 patients. A relationship was established between the quantity of essentially (over 50% of the lumen) stenosed major coronary arteries and stress tolerance or the double product. 


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@article{Khanina1986ClinicoinstrumentalPI, title={[Clinico-instrumental parallels in ischemic heart disease].}, author={S B Khanina and Ralitza Gavrilova and Nataliya Getman and O Kh Zybin and Natalia Antonova}, journal={Kardiologiia}, year={1986}, volume={26 11}, pages={55-7} }